Students & Recent Graduates

Why Intern at Inteva Products?             

Here at Inteva, our internship program equips students with the necessary tools to both become successful in their fields and excel in their careers. The passion and commitment dedicated to our products and capabilities are the same attributes that drives our diverse global workforce: our Inteva team.

As an intern at Inteva, you will be placed with knowledgeable, experienced and engaged professionals within your field who will serve as mentors. Building upon these relationships throughout your time here, will enrich your internship experience and enhance your professional network.

Our student interns are given real responsibilities and beneficial opportunities. Each intern is assigned projects that are related to their field of study and tasks that are vital to the functions of the company as a whole.

As an intern here at Inteva Products, you can expect to:

  • Gain experience working with a global industry leader in a diverse environment
  • Develop your technical and soft skills alongside experienced professionals in their field
  • Take on challenging assignments with real responsibilities and practical learning experiences
  • Join a team that cares about your professional development and helps you accomplish your career goals

Our company seeks students and recent graduates who share the same vision, values and commitment that we do. At Inteva Products, these are the things that drive us; but, what drives you?

We invite you to explore our internship openings and apply today!

Ask Our Interns

“Inteva gave me ‘real world’ experience and the opportunity to learn how to conduct myself in the office and get things done. I also had the opportunity to travel; I’m not sure if an intern would have done that elsewhere. The people I met throughout the company impressed me. They were friendly and willing to help me. It was beneficial to be able to ask questions of the buyers daily. Working at Inteva really felt like a family.”

Jacob Seidl
Supply Chain Management - Direct Purchasing Intern

“The real-world experience I have gained at Inteva is nothing like what I learned in school. In school you learn theoretical management skills and scenarios; but during my internship, I learned practical business skills. I also learned how to incorporate emotional intelligence into my daily communication skills. Overall, I enjoyed my time interning at Inteva. The people I worked with were great and I liked the work I did.”

Scott Schramm
Supply Chain Management - SCM Finance Intern

“My internship at Inteva was an extremely rewarding experience. I had the unique opportunity to work on a variety of cross-functional marketing projects that challenged me to think outside of the box. Working with Advanced Development and attending shows taught me how to effectively market a product. The people I worked with were always open to my ideas and made me truly feel like a part of the team. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Inteva.”

Amanda Kadykowski
Advanced Development Group - Technology Marketing Intern

"I have taken on projects much like a full-time engineer would with all the challenges and triumphs involved in developing advanced polymer technologies for an increasingly competitive market. This experience has been a truly essential part of my education. Inteva's dedication to student development has offered me a plethora of opportunities to interact and practice my skills in business communications with colleagues and superiors as high up as the CEO. My internship experience at Inteva has been a tremendously positive one; I would recommend it to anyone." 

Marc Taipala
Advanced Development Group - Engineering Co-Op

“My internship at Inteva was a valuable experience which complemented all that I’ve learned at the university. I experienced first-hand how the business world functions. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help. Along with learning about my field of study, I also had the opportunity to visit Inteva’s Adrian plant and see the different machines and how parts are made in the manufacturing environment. It was a really cool experience.”

Steven Gaus
Finance - Finance Intern

“The overall experience at Inteva has been very beneficial. What I learned during my internship at Inteva is something universities cannot teach. I learned how to communicate with colleagues, suppliers, and customers from all around the world. I was assigned meaningful projects and my supervisors valued my work. It was a great experience and I could see myself working at Inteva in the future.”

Ryan Thoe
IT - Business Process Intern

“I had a wonderful experience interning at Inteva Products. I learned how a production network is run and learned a great deal about corporate infrastructure. I also gained a greater understanding of how to communicate in a business environment. I experienced the value of cross-functional cooperation and teamwork to achieve common goals. I had a wonderful manager/mentor and great coworkers. It was an experience for which I am most thankful.”

Mikhail Burshteyn
IT - Network Intern

“Interning at Inteva was very beneficial for me as a student engineer. I was able to apply learnings from my undergraduate studies and combine it with practical knowledge, creative thinking, and industry norms in a real-world setting. I will always remember that I was given the opportunity to present my work to Inteva’s CEO and Executive Staff. Their attention and dedication to the internship program is like no other and has made a lasting impression and given me the desire to come back and work for Inteva following graduation.”

Patrick Levy
Advanced Development Group – Test Engineering Intern

“Working at Inteva gave me an understanding of the theories presented in the classroom. You never really know how to apply what you’ve learned until you do it hands-on. I was happy that Inteva’s executives were so involved with the intern program; it gave me a greater understanding of how employees at all levels interact. My supervisors and team members included me in all aspects of HR, and having the ability to help people develop their careers was one of the best feelings.”

Alyssa Boisvert
Human Resources - Human Resources Intern

“I was impressed by the creative environment in the Design & Innovation Studio; it helped me stay creative and encouraged me to produce great work. Not only did we work on interior design, but also graphic design and product design, making my experience at Inteva very diverse. It made me want to work even harder to become a part of this industry after graduation. My experience at Inteva can be described simply – ‘Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life!’ ”

Elizaveta Bondarenko
Interior Systems - Design and Innovation Studio Intern

“I was given opportunities to independently solve problems in Inteva plants and facilities. My internship allowed me to participate in meetings with other colleagues, as well as communicating with managers and executives. I now have the ability to conduct effective meetings and accurately communicate my ideas and opinions in the workplace. I was able to utilize the knowledge I gained in school, while learning new and beneficial skills that would not otherwise be taught in the classroom.”

Joseph Inman
Production Control and Logistics - Advanced PC&L Intern