Students & Recent Graduates

Inteva offers women and men who are currently in school or have recently graduated from an accredited college or university several options to explore Inteva.

Our internships and co-op programs give young professionals the opportunity to utilize their education; gain solid, real-life work skills and see if The Inteva Way is for them. For top engineering talent, our prestigious, individualized Engineering Leadership Development Program gives select recent college graduates a unique, immersive career path as our future leaders.

Ask our Interns

Jacob Seidl

Direct Purchasing Intern

“Inteva gave me ‘real world’ experience and the opportunity to learn how to conduct myself in the office and get things done. I also had the opportunity to travel; I’m not sure if an intern would have done that elsewhere. The people I met throughout the company impressed me. They were friendly and willing to help me. It was beneficial to be able to ask questions of the buyers daily. Working at Inteva really felt like a family.”

Supply Chain Management - Direct Purchasing Intern

Scott Schramm

SCM Finance Intern

“The real-world experience I have gained at Inteva is nothing like what I learned in school. In school you learn theoretical management skills and scenarios; but during my internship, I learned practical business skills. I also learned how to incorporate emotional intelligence into my daily communication skills. Overall, I enjoyed my time interning at Inteva. The people I worked with were great and I liked the work I did.”

Supply Chain Management - SCM Finance Intern

Amanda Kadykowski

Technology Marketing Intern

“My internship at Inteva was an extremely rewarding experience. I had the unique opportunity to work on a variety of cross-functional marketing projects that challenged me to think outside of the box. Working with Advanced Development and attending shows taught me how to effectively market a product. The people I worked with were always open to my ideas and made me truly feel like a part of the team. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Inteva.”

Advanced Development Group - Technology Marketing Intern