Health & Safety

Inteva is committed to protecting the health and safety of every employee. We believe that all occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable. There will be no compromise of an individual’s well-being in anything we do. The safety rules and policies at each Inteva location must be followed. Additionally, Inteva personnel comply with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations.

Having safety rules is not enough. Inteva’s commitment to safety means every employee needs to be alert to safety risks as they go about their jobs. It also means that Inteva managers have an overriding responsibility to support safe work practices.

A safe and secure work environment also means a workplace free from violence. Threats (whether implicit or explicit), intimidation and violence have no place at Inteva and will not be tolerated. Weapons – even if used for sporting purposes – are not allowed on Inteva property.

Safe Enough for our Families

Inteva’s “Safe Enough for Our Families” safety vision is comprised of three basic principles. Together these principles support Inteva’s core value of providing safe work environments across the corporation.

Listen – Listening means the active engagement of all employees on health and safety matters. Active engagement is a process of two-way communication to ensure both parties understand issues via mutual listening and feedback. When focused on safety, active engagement seeks employees’ input to identify safety hazards and risks observed in their jobs and workplace, followed by discussions on how to best control or eliminate those hazards/risks. This level of communication ensures that decisions about health and safety are based on the input and experience of a full range of staff and roles within the organization.

Understand – Understanding is the recognition that both a person’s actions and failures to act have the potential to impact their own safety as well as that of their co-workers. It is the duty and responsibility of every Inteva employee to understand how to both support the health and safety of fellow employees and perform their own jobs as safely as possible.

Do the Right Thing – In doing the right thing, all employees choose to perform their jobs in the safest manner possible and remain alert to the health and safety of their co-workers. Doing the right thing requires the identification and mitigation of the safety hazards and risks associated with performing our jobs. Doing the right thing will reduce the number of near misses and injuries, and, most importantly, save lives.

Inteva will provide the procedures, programs, systems, equipment, training, and resources necessary to realize this safety vision. No matter your role in the organization, if you would not consider a particular job function to be safe enough for your own family members to perform, then we need to communicate and understand the risks involved so we can do the right thing. We must commit to listening, understanding, and doing the right thing so that we can all experience a safe work environment. Safe Enough for Our Families is not a slogan, it is a vision that we must all take to heart.