Automated Sewing Technology

Inteva’s InStitchTM technology brings together our expertise in sewing, patented sewing head technology and cutting-edge scanning capabilities to produce a high value, high quality interior. With the InStitch system, cycle time for producing components is up to 18x faster than the conventional cut/sew/wrap process – reducing costs and decreasing the amount of scrap produced.

Fast, flexible, affordable stitching performance

InStitch robotic sewing offers the flexibility and differentiation designers want and the consistency and speed engineers need in a package that reduces costs versus traditional cut/sew/wrap processes. With InStitch robotic sewing system, implementing closed-loop stitching, quilting, embroidery, contrasting thread colors, decorative stitching and more can be done using the same sewing cell, making it easier to differentiate between interior trim levels.


Increased freedom, decreased costs

Designers love the flexibility that the InStitch robotic sewing offers while creating the aesthetic experience buyers want. With the ability for closed-loop stitching around features, quilting, embroidery, decorative stitching, contrasting thread colors and more, InStitch makes it possible to present the look and feel consumers want with the consistency and affordability that manufacturers need. 


Fast and flexible

The InStitch system offers real-time scanning that allows for precise, consistent stitching even on complex panels, enabling designers to push the envelope of form and function without impacting production speed. Cycle times of hours for traditional cut/sew/wrap processes can fall to minutes with InStitch, bringing the look and feel of luxury interiors to a wide variety of vehicles.


Turn-key solution

InStitch is already being used in high-volume production on some of the most popular vehicles on the market, with new sites coming online across the globe. Putting InStitch to work for you can save time and money and requires less manpower than traditional cut/sew/wrap processes, enabling increased output and more sustainable operations with reduced scrap. 


Simpler, more sustainable production

Implementing InStitch robotic sewing cells can reduce floor space requirements by up to 50 percent while eliminating manual operations and reducing skill requirements for operators.

Overall, the increased speed, reduced waste and smaller manufacturing space make InStitch a bonus to sustainability efforts.



Learn more about InStitch

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