Inteva is skilled at proving design integrity for meeting specified product performance requirements. Customers utilize our technical center labs, precision test equipment, data acquisition and analysis software tools to test exact specifications. And we also work with teams from our automaker customers to develop new methods, procedures and evaluation criteria to reduce costs and save time in validating prototypes and manufactured components under actual application conditions. 

From years of success proving design integrity and meeting the performance needs of the world's automotive industry, Inteva offers unmatched
product-testing excellence. Our technical center test labs, precision equipment, superior software and experienced experts help reduce costs and save time in
validating electrical, mechanical and electromechanical components for:

  • Environmental Durability
  • Materials Strength Reliability
  • Buzz-Squeak-Rattle Reduction
  • Vibration Sound Evaluation
  • Specified Operation, such as motor torque and speed

Inteva's advanced global testing capabilities can match testing needs from concept through prototypes to production-ready parts. We work independently or directly with our customers to test to exact specifications or develop new methods, plans and analyses. Automakers around the globe rely on Inteva for our advanced testing capabilities.