Inteva Products Recognized as a Leader in Technology by Corp! Magazine

The company is pleased to be one of a few automotive winners honored for the second year in a row

TROY, Mich., March 16, 2016 – Inteva Products, LLC, a leading global Tier One automotive supplier of engineered components and systems, has been named a winner in Corp! magazine’s annual “DiSciTech” awards program for the second year in a row. The DiSciTech award program recognizes Michigan-headquartered companies for achievements in the fields of Digital, Science and Technology.

This year, Inteva is receiving honors in the Technology category for its Glove Box Actuator (GBA), an advanced manufacturing technology within its Closure Systems product line. In 2015, the company was recognized for the robotic stitching technology developed within its Interior Systems product line.

For several years, Inteva has worked with customers to create an alternative approach to glove box release devices that provides flexible styling, enhanced placement options, less noise, and a more assembly-friendly package. The GBA improves vehicle-crashworthiness because it eliminates hard surfaces from the knee bolster area, protecting passengers from potential harm during a crash.  The GBA is absent of the inertia issues that exist with conventional release devices; its electromechanical technology ensures that the glove box will not open from external acceleration events during vehicle impact conditions, thus not creating a hazard to passengers during the event.

“We are pleased to be recognized by Corp! magazine for the second consecutive year,” said Michael Maddelein, Inteva Products Vice President of Engineering. “Inteva is especially proud to have had two of our product lines now recognized for technological advances, a testament to Inteva’s culture of innovation.”

Corp! Magazine featured all DiSciTech winners in recent print and digital issues of its bimonthly magazine; it will present awards during a symposium in April.

About Inteva Products, LLC

Inteva Products, LLC is a leading global automotive supplier providing automakers with innovative, reliable, environmentally friendly products that enhance vehicle quality, safety and performance. Inteva has global resources for engineering, manufacturing and customer service for Closure Systems, Interior Systems, Motors and Electronics, and Roof Systems. Formed in 2008, the tier-one supplier is focused on achieving sustained global growth, providing excellent customer service and driving innovation. The name Inteva was selected by combining the three words that serve as the foundation of what the company provides: innovation, technology, and value. Inteva employs more than 10,000 people in 18 countries and is headquartered in Troy, Michigan USA.

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