Inteva Inteather™ Inspires Samurai Dress in ‘Beyond the Armor’ Design Competition

A Samurai-themed dress by Janna Coumoundouros, constructed of Inteva Inteather™, is one of 10 entries in the “Beyond the Armor” competition hosted by the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) and the Detroit Garment Group Guild. Read more to find out how your vote can help determine the winner.

Inteva TPO Auto Interior Material, Appears on NAIAS Charity Preview Red Carpet

A high fashion dress created with Inteva TPO material for automotive interiors was modeled at the North American International Auto Show Charity Preview in Detroit, on January 17, 2013.

Viewpoint: Jean-Marc Belmond, Senior Director of Engineering for Europe and Asia, Highlights Inteva’s Product and People Diversity

Jean-Marc Belmond, Inteva Senior Director of Engineering for Europe and Asia sees Inteva’s diversities of products and technologies and people focused approach as a main selling point to current and future customers.

Inteva Leads the Industry with Advanced Sewing Technology

Inteva's ability to formulate and produce our own materials allows us to push creative boundaries while also providing custom interior options at a lower cost than traditional cut and sew methods. Our manual and robotic advanced stitching technology is brand new to the industry and on the cutting edge of innovation.

Viewpoint: Richard Zheng Brings Attention to Inteva’s Success in China

For Richard Zheng, Managing Director of China Inteva’s continued growth in the China market is inevitable. In a recent video he discusses how Inteva's four innovative product lines and packaged solution continue to help business growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

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