Community Stories

  • American Red Cross Blood Drive at Troy Exceeds Goal  

    Inteva employees in Troy rolled up their sleeves in August to help others by donating blood during an American Red Cross Blood Drive. Forty-five employees registered for the Blood Drive, held at Troy Headquarters. The Red Cross’ goal was to collect 23 whole blood units and 26 whole blood unites of lifesaving products were collected, giving as many as 78 hospital patients a chance to once again enjoy good health.

    “The American Red Cross Blood Services staff extends their heartfelt appreciation for your efforts on behalf of the many patients whose lives depend on the availability of blood products in our community,” said Anna Montreuil, American Red Cross Representative. “Knowing you are responsible for saving so many lives makes you an invaluable contributor in our community.”

  • Inteva Employees Raise $3,898 for Troy Beaumont Children’s Hospital

    Premature babies and young children were the big winners when Inteva added a charitable event to the General Motors Ride & Drive event hosted at Inteva Headquarters in Troy, Michigan.

  • Inteva Troy Headquarters Employees Participate in Road Cleanup

    Three times each year employees at Inteva World Headquarters & Technical Center volunteer their time after work to pick up litter and debris along Crooks Road. Crooks Road is a main road in the city of Troy and road in which Inteva Headquarters is located. Employees clean a one-mile stretch on both sides of the road.

    This commitment emulates environmental stewardship and dedication to the community.

  • Matamoros Employees Recognized by City Major

    Inteva Matamoros employees were recognized by City Major, Eric Silva and his wife Marissa, for volunteering their time at Casa Hogar del niño Matamorense, a local center for homeless children.

    The center, located about 10 minutes from Matamoros Plant 1, houses 24 boys and girls ranging from newborns to 13 years old who do not have secure family lives, or have lost their parents.

    Through play time, meals, and bedtime stories these Inteva employees emulate a happy and healthy family life for these needy children. The group is most famous for celebrating birthdays with a traditional piñata and cake.

    Each year Major, Eric Silva, honors companies that are dedicated to hard work and making a difference after business hours. This year Inteva was included in this honor and was presented a plaque which read, “Your generous heart will not go inadvertent on darkness because his light will illuminate all your path.”

  • Caring For Our Coworkers – Troy Supports Alabama in Time of Need  

    Caring for the communities we live and work in is a core value at Inteva. When the state of Alabama suffered from a natural disaster, the care for communities extended to include our own colleagues. Inteva manufacturing plants in Cottondale and Gadsden received support and care from many Inteva facilities. Employees at Inteva World Headquarters & Technical Center were determined to provide employees in Alabama with assistance and comfort during this difficult time.

    The teams at Troy came together to host morning bagel sales, a clothing and linen drive, and departmental lunch cookouts each week for one month; donating all funds to employees in Alabama.

    Each Team had motivation to get creative with their cookouts to compete to raise the most money. These fundraisers provided the ability to reach out to Inteva employees and their families in Alabama while coming together to work as a team to raise as much money as possible.

  • Headquarters Employees Unite to Raise $1,267 for Team Members in Japan

    On Thursday March 31, Troy Headquarters Employees came together to raise $1,267 for fellow employees and their families in Japan. Through a special sale employees had the opportunity to purchase Inteva branded shirts, bags, and visors. The money raised will go directly to support the aid effort organized by Mike Brown, Inteva Global Security Manager. This money will be used to help purchase bottled water for employees and their families living in Japan. Earlier in the week, employees in Japan received personal radiation monitors to help them monitor radiation levels in food and water.