Corporate Social Responsibility

Inteva’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities benefit our customers, employees, end consumers, and the communities in which we live and work.

The area of Corporate Social Responsibility most deeply ingrained within the Inteva DNA is our “Inteva Cares” program. Caring for the communities in which we live and work is an Inteva core value. Since we were formed in 2008, team members at nearly every one of our sites have devoted thousands of volunteer hours, made countless donations, and raised funds in dozens of ways to support more than 175 charities. These grassroots efforts often focus on advancing Science, Technology, Education and Math (STEM) education but many are direct responses to even more basic human needs such as housing, hunger and financial support.

Inteva's sense of responsibility extends to the very air that we breathe. In our manufacturing facilities, we operate in a manner that creates a low carbon footprint. Many of our sites include environmentally friendly lighting and solar panels to reduce our energy use and improve our impact on the world around us. At our corporate offices, technical centers and research facilities, Inteva’s recycling activities contribute to less environmental waste, and we follow meticulous guidelines for the safe disposal of hazardous materials. For our sustainability efforts, we’ve received industry honors such as the “Clean Industry” certification from Mexico’s Federal Agency for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA), which recognizes Inteva for “protecting the environment and fostering development through our environmental company culture” and the CLEPA 2019 Innovation award in the Environment category.

Inteva’s commitment to being socially responsible is supported by our internal Compliance Committee. Focused on continuous improvements and ongoing education, the committee provides our global workforce with comprehensive training designed to proactively address risk areas. Ongoing updates to our Employee Code of Conduct and active promotion of our Global Ethics Hotline help ensure that all employees are treated with respect, fairness and integrity.

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