Inteva Products Named CLEPA Innovation Award Winner for Recyclable Inteather™ Eco Trim Material

TROY, Mich., June 27, 2019 – Inteva Products, a leading global Tier One automotive supplier of engineered components and systems, was honored for the fourth consecutive year at the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) Innovation Awards Gala on June 13. The company was awarded third place in the Environment category for its recyclable Inteather™ Eco Trim material. CLEPA sponsored the event held at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by CLEPA for our Inteather Eco Trim material,” said Mike Maddelein, vice president of global engineering, Inteva Products. Maddelein accepted the award on behalf of the company at the awards ceremony. “This sustainable product demonstrates our commitment to caring for the world and the communities in which we live and work while still innovating for our customers. We are proud of our team members for their great work.”

Inteva’s recyclable Inteather Eco Trim material balances environmental responsibility and cost effectiveness. The formulation utilizes recycled bi-laminate scrap/offal in the base layer of a cap/base construction – reducing waste by 50 percent – and is lower in cost than the material conventionally used for instrument panels, consoles and doors. Inteather Eco Trim allows the supplier or OEM to utilize the recycled bi-laminate scrap and still meet all material and part performance requirements. The patented process for manufacturing this material is not found anywhere else in the industry.

The CLEPA Innovation Awards competition, organized in cooperation with Deloitte, celebrates outstanding achievements in the European automotive supply industry in the fields of Environment, Safety, Connectivity and Automation, and Cooperation. A panel of eight judges evaluated the proposals based on four criteria: ambition (what is the potential of the innovation), market relevance (cost-effectiveness, added value to consumers), impact (long-term effects) and quality.

Inteva has received CLEPA Innovation Awards previously for innovations in material, stitching, and sunroof technologies.

About Inteva Products

Inteva Products is a leading global automotive supplier providing innovative, reliable, environmentally friendly products that enhance vehicle quality, safety and performance. Inteva has global resources for design, engineering, manufacturing and customer service for Closure Systems, Interior Systems, and Motors & Electronics. Formed in 2008, the tier-one supplier is focused on achieving sustained global growth, providing excellent customer service, and driving innovation. Inteva was founded on innovative solutions and the use of applied technology to drive value-based solutions. The company employs more than 8,000 people in 30 sites and maintains its World Headquarters in Troy, Michigan USA. For future company updates, please visit the Inteva Products website, or the company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram pages.