Inteva Showcases Custom Inteather™ Dress at North American International Auto Show

Troy, Mich., September 11, 2023 – Inteva Inteather™, a premium automotive interior material, will be showcased in a one-of-a-kind way during the 2023 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Charity Preview in Detroit, Michigan.

Inteva has partnered with visual artist, professional photographer and fashion designer, Janna Coumoundouros, owner of Lilacpop Studio in Clawson, Michigan, to design a custom dress primarily made of Inteva’s Inteather™ high-performance thermoplastic olefin material (TPO). The dress will be worn by local celebrity and Emmy award-winning meteorologist, Ashlee Baracy, of Detroit’s Channel 4 WDIV-TV News and NBC.

Inteather increases sustainability efforts while providing the quality and affordability that high-volume programs demand. Inteva’s award-winning, patented Inteather EcoTrim process allows for recycling that can virtually eliminate scrap waste to minimize environmental impact. Given its formability and design flexibility, it allowed Coumoundouros to capture true creativity in the dress.

This year's dress embodies a harmonious fusion of sustainability, technological innovation, and meaningful narrative. The intention was not only to accentuate the eco-conscious attributes of the material, but also to showcase the potential of illuminated stitching. The design places emphasis on the captivating interplay of light and intricate embroidery.

“The connection between Ashlee Baracy’s role as Channel 4’s meteorologist and the design theme of sustainability served as a catalyst for the creative process,” explained Coumoundouros. “The dress embodies environmental attributes with a focus on weather dynamics.”

The upper portion of the dress is embellished with meticulously crafted fragmented sun rays, while raindrops cascade in a deliberate rhythm.

“The anticipation to witness Ashlee wear the dress on the event night is a dream come true for me,” said Coumoundouros.

To bring Coumoundouros’s vision to life, Inteva engaged a multi-functional team, including creative designers, electronics and craftmanship engineers, and material experts. As a premium interior manufacturing company, attention to detail is crucial to all Inteva does. Applying industry expertise to produce a unique eye-catching dress demonstrates Inteva’s high level of execution and technique.

“Fashion has always played a major influential role in the automotive industry,” explained Aidano Nascimento, Global Creative Director, Design Studio & Marketing, Inteva Products. “The opportunity to combine the two worlds is a testament to the design flexibility of our Inteather material.”

“At Inteva, part of our corporate vision is to be recognized as a global leading company in innovation, sustainability, and products that enhance the consumer experience. This masterpiece represents the possibility behind our products in a creative and interesting way,” said Marco vom Wege, Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Inteva Products. “To see our award-winning Inteather EcoTrim material and illuminated stitch technology displayed in a dress is unusual, but exciting.

“I want to thank Janna and Aidano for bringing fashion and automotive together in such a beautiful way. A true testimony of how collaboration of diverse talent and background creates something new and exciting,” continued vom Wege.

From pattern development and hardware integration to selecting the best sewing processes and software development, Inteva has what it takes to bring any design to life, providing unique user experiences and beautifully executed fashion statement products, either inside people’s vehicle as an interior that represents their style or on a charity preview gown.

The NAIAS Charity Preview will be held on September 15 at Huntington Place Show Floor in Detroit, Michigan.


About Inteva Products

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