Inteva Shanghai automotive door plant named 2019 Excellent Supplier by Shanghai General Motors

Shanghai Inteva Automotive Door Systems Co., Ltd. (SDADS) in Shanghai, China was recently awarded as a 2019 Excellent Supplier by Shanghai General Motors Company (SGM) after-sales service division.  

Companies considered for the award were measured by two KPI assessments including on-time delivery and advanced shipping notification of parts.

“This award encourages us to focus on continuous improvement in our supply chain,” said Grace Miao, Managing Director, SDADS. “SDADS will keep our commitment to be the best possible supplier for our customers.”

SDADS is a joint venture partnership between Inteva Products and Shanghai SIIC Transportation Electronic Company, Ltd. SDADS has manufacturing operations and engineering capabilities in Shanghai producing latches, actuators, control modules and door modules for customers such as Volkswagen, SAIC and General Motors.