Inteather™ Eco Trim named Sustainability Product of the Year by Business Intelligence Group

Inteva has recently received the Sustainability Product of the Year award for the Inteather™ Eco Trim material. The award was given by the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) during their 2019 Sustainability Awards program.  The BIG Sustainability Awards honor companies who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice.

Inteva’s recyclable Inteather Eco Trim material balances environmental responsibility and cost effectiveness.  The formulation utilizes recycled bi-laminate scrap/offal in the base layer of a cap/base construction – reducing waste by 50 percent – and is lower in cost than the material conventionally used for instrument panels, consoles and doors.

“Inteather Eco Trim allows our customers to utilize the recycled bi-laminate scrap and still meet all material and part performance requirements,” said Mike Maddelein, Inteva’s Vice President of Global Engineering.  “The patented process for manufacturing this material is not found anywhere else in the industry.”

This is the second award Inteva has won for the Inteather Eco Trim material. Earlier this year, Inteva received third place in the Environment Category at the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) Innovation Awards Gala.