Inteva Guanajuato Plans Local Reforestation Project

The Inteva Guanajuato Operations team planned a reforestation project where they planted 100 trees in the area surrounding the plant. The area around Guanajuato, Silao, Mexico is experiencing huge industrial growth and as a result, green space has been reduced. Through the reforestation project, the Inteva Guanajuato team set out to replace some of that greenery. 

“We believe that the growth of our city and preserving natural resources can coexist,” said Iván Durán, EHS representative. “By doing this work, we demonstrate our commitment to the community and also our congruence with the environment.”

All team members working at Inteva Guanajuato Operations participated in the reforestation effort. The team looks forward to watching their trees grow in the years to come.
“Trees bring life; they give us clean air to breath, food, wood and more,” said Durán. "Planting the trees was a gift to the natural environment in exchange for all that we receive from it.”