Inteva Employees Celebrate Earth Day Around the World

Commitment to sustainability on display

To celebrate Earth Day, Inteva teams from around the globe united in a collective effort to promote sustainability by volunteering within their respected communities. 

Our team in Guanajuato, Mexico honored Earth Day by expanding a community garden. They planted a diverse array of fruits and vegetables, which they will later harvest and enjoy at home. 

Inteva Bangalore volunteered for a Trek and Cleaning Drive at Nandi Hills, located in the renowned scenic landscapes of Karnataka, India. After hiking to the hilltop, employees geared up with gloves, garbage bags, and a collective determination to bring positive change to the area. A total of 11 bags of garbage were collected. 

At Inteva Troy, employees came together for an Adopt-A-Road clean up initiative. Our dedicated team embarked on a mission to transform a stretch of road near our global headquarters into a cleaner, more sustainable space. 

Thank you to our passionate Inteva teams for embodying the spirit of Earth Day by demonstrating the power of collective action and the importance of preserving our planet for future generations.