Inteather Form

Our TPO vacuum-formable compact sheet Inteather is available in both scoreable and non-score deployable safety grade, trim grade, eco-recyclable and thin film grade forms.

TPO Vacuum Formable Compact Sheet

  • Safety Grade
         Non-score deployable

         Scorable deployable

  • Trim Grade

  • ECO recyclable

  • Special Applications

Construction Variations:

  • Skin Thickness: 0.2 — 1.5 mm
  • Width: <=1,270 mm

Material Benefits

  • Robust TPO construction for deployable offerings
  • High melt strength for deep draw thermoforming
  • High extensional viscosity for grain retention
  • Low Odor & VOC’s
  • Recyclable
  • Available pre-grained or IMG compatible