Inteather Cast

Our TPE slush skin Inteather is available in both scoreable and non-score deployable safety grade, trim grade and eco-recyclable forms.

TPE Slush Casted Powder Skin

  • Safety Grade
         Non-score deployable
         Scorable deployable
  • Trim Grade
  • ECO Recyclable 

Powder Properties:

  • Particle size: 180—230 μm (avg)
  • Powder Flow Rate: <= 28 seconds
  • Slush skin thickness: 0.7 – 1.0 mm

Material Benefits

  • Low zero-shear viscosity for casting
  • Particle size & distribution for better powder flow
  • Excellent surface durability (scratch, scuff, mar, chemical)
  • High tear strength
  • Wider processing window
  • Significant lighter in weight
  • Lower odor/VOC
  • Better aging resistance
  • Lower temperature airbag deployment
  • Supporting sustainability (low-impact TPO, recyclable)