Advanced Materials Development

Inteva is dedicated to innovative and creative approaches for meeting every customer need, adding value and delivering precise results. Our advanced materials development capability is among the world's best. We stay on top of trends, apply uncommon expertise and develop new product and process ideas faster than most. Inteva advanced cost-saving materials include:

  • Slush Cast TPE, molded-in color for premium appearance at a lower cost
  • Soft TPO Sheet, with a durable, luxurious feel and low VOCs
  • Bilaminate TPO, for achieving premium panels and inserts, at lower cost and weight than foam-in-place
  • In-line Compounded Glass-Filled Polypropylene, tailored to meet exact application needs and specifications, providing added strength and mass savings for semi-structural and structural components  

Inteva is ready to put these advanced materials to use for you, whether it be for value-added automotive applications or high-performance durability requirements in other industries. These include challenging applications in commercial and recreations equipment, both land and marine, for weather –resistant seating and fade resistant panel coverings. Inteva materials open a wide range of design possibilities.