Rapid-Response Process Expertise

Inteva is experienced in a broad range of manufacturing process requirements. We are fully equipped to excel in advanced materials development, fast-turnaround prototype deliveries and cost-effective, high-quality production techniques. Pre-production and development validation procedures verify manufacturing readiness. Strict quality-control and lean-manufacturing techniques ensure quality and economy. Advanced problem solving, continuous improvement and specialized processes meet your exact needs at every level for market success. Inteva in-house material-process capabilities are ready for you:

  • Material Compounding, batch and in-line, with twin-screw extruders
  • Injection Molding, with large and small tonnage machines
  • Compression Molding, including encapsulations and inserts
  • Thermoforming, positive or negative, with multiple materials
  • Slush Casting, hot oil or hot air
  • Sheet Extruding, multi-layer co-extrusion
  • Sonic and Laser Scoring, precisely repeatable with robotic control of depth and path