Community Stories

  • Waigaoqiao Employees Supply Local Students School Supplies & Motivation Incentive

    Employees of Inteva Waigaoqiao Operations reached into their own pockets to gather cash donations to supply a local grade school class with school supplies.

    The grade school, specifically meant for children of migrant workers, is in poor conditions and lacks supplies and incentives to encourage students to grow and learn academically.

    Inteva employees took the $756 in cash donations and purchased supplies including water pens, pencils and test booklets. The employees then packaged the supplies into 32 gift boxes. These special gift boxes were given to each student in the class as motivation to study hard and perform to the best of their abilities for their yearly test.

  • Inteva Products Branded Vehicle Successfully Crosses Moroccan Desert to Provide Humanitarian Aid

    The Inteva Products logo was prominently displayed during a 6,500 kilometer road rally designed to provide humanitarian aid to school children in Morocco. Established in 1997 upon the initiative of Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Rennes, a French business school, the 4L Trophy is a humanitarian rally with Renault 4 cars. Its objective is to drive across the Moroccan desert to provide children with needed school supplies and other necessities.

  • Matamoros Plant 1 Employees Craft Student Desks by Using Scrap Wood

    A team of ten Inteva employees from Matamoros Operations Plant 1 made a creative difference by using scrap wood pieces to craft desks and chairs for a local fourth grade class.

    The team gathered scrap wood from crates in the door module production area and designed, constructed and painted 20 desks and chairs. Each chair matches and fits neatly next to each desk, giving the teacher and students the space needed for all classroom activities.

    Rather than using their budget on desks and chairs, Guadalupe Victoria School, was able to purchase other necessities for these local students.

  • Inteva India Supports Sparsha Trust Institute for Orphans

    Inteva’s Sanjeevini Team in Bangalore has been supporting the Sparsha Trust Institue throughout the past few years. Assisting through donations, reconstruction of the facility, and website development for educational purposes, the Inteva team has been in full support towards giving these children a hope for the future. Sparsha Trust, a non-profit organization in Bangalore, India, run by a group of Social Work graduates and volunteers, was established to help underprivileged children with education, employability, health and self-sustenance, specifically in Bangalore’s rural regions. Sparsha Trust offers four main programs that provide educational mentors, parental care to neglected children, libraries, and a home for orphaned children. 

  • Vandalia Technical Center Donates $1,500 towards US Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program 

    For the past few years during the holiday season employees at Vandalia have collected cash donations for the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program. This is a unique organization dedicated to collecting toys as Christmas gifts to needy children within the community.

    This year Inteva Chief Manufacturing Engineer Jack Kirby presented a $1,500 check to a US Marine Corps Toys for Tots Representative Robert Bloom during a get together at the Inteva Vandalia facility.

    “We are always honored to support the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program each holiday season,” said Inteva Chief Manufacturing Engineer Jack Kirby. “We have had the opportunity to serve this organization since 1990. It is amazing for us to think about the number of youngsters that this program has touched!”

    After the donation was given Robert presented a Commander’s Award to the Inteva Vandalia Team for ongoing support.

  • Troy Employees Unite to Raise $9,299.60 for Local Charities

    Inteva Troy employees have come together to reach an all-time high in charitable donations through creative and collaborated efforts to raise needed funds for local charities. In addition to Troy’s weekly cookout luncheons hosted by an employee volunteer group named People Helping the Underprivileged and Needy (PHUN), where employees purchase lunch with proceeds going to a different selected charity each month, were other opportunities for employees to give to those in need.