Inteva’s History & Heritage

Although the Inteva Products brand name was introduced to the marketplace in 2008, the company holds a rich international history tracing back to the establishment of German carriage supplier Traugott Golde in 1872. In the following 30 years, four additional automotive suppliers, Inland Manufacturing Company, Guide Lamp, Fisher Body Company and Arvin Heater Company were born, creating the origins of Inteva’s four major product lines.

Motors & Electronics

The first motor design was born in Levallois-Perret in 1977, what used to be the Headquarters of Compagnie Industrielle de Mécanismes, a French subsidy of the UK group Wilmot Breeden. A few years later, Breeden was acquired by Rockwell International, where sales of the “12 Watt” window regulator reached 3,500 units, a sale that was only the beginning of a line of many innovative advancements. In 1990, production volume exceeded five million motors, expanding its portfolio with several prestigious OEMs. Rockwell’s automotive division was later spun off as a publicly traded company, ArvinMeritor, in the late 90s. As the millennia kicked off, over nine million motors were produced in one year with the sale of the seat motor. With such business expansions, many facilities were developed to support production and integration with Inteva.

Roof Systems

Founded in 1872 as a supplier of carriage components, Traugott Golde began the supply of sunroof components in 1904 and automotive sunroofs in 1927. In 1950, its successor company, Golde GmbH, became the first supplier of sliding sunroofs, and in 1973 developed the world's first slide and tilt module. In 1973, Golde was purchased by Rockwell Automotive, the predecessor to ArvinMeritor after which it would create the first integrated, multi-panel sunroof module to become a leader in large opening sunroof systems.  Mass production of glass sunroofs as a complete system began in 1985. Three years later came the introdution of the world's first multi-panel sunroof system on the Audi A2.  The first large opening sunroof system was launched  in 2004. Roof Systems became an Inteva product line in January 2011 after Inteva acquired the Body Systems division of ArvinMeritor. In July 2011, Inteva Products SAMAP Operations in Shanghai, China celebrated the production of its one millionth sunroof. In 2012, Inteva launched its first innovative modular panoramic roof system for premium vehicles. Roof production in North America began in 2013 at Inteva Gadsden Operations in Alabama.

Closure Systems

While Traugott Golde was in the midst of producing automotive sunroofs, Wilmot Breeden began manufacturing automotive door latches in Birmingham, England in 1928. Years later, another closure system breakthrough developed when Compagnie Industrielle de Mecanismes SA launched the world’s first sealed door module in France in 1968. Both European companies were later acquired by Rockwell International Corporation. Multiple latch patents were added to Inteva’s list of closures as developments progressed, including the Versamount Tailgate Latch and the first electronic locking system.

 Interior Systems

In 1918, the Dayton Wright Company became a General Motors subsidiary marking Dayton’s move into the production of parts for the automobile interior. In the early 1920’s the company name was changed to Inland Manufacturing and by 1923, Inland engineers were working with molded materials. In 1929 rubber handling equipment was installed for small interior parts. In 1934, Inland first experimented with plastic molding material and soon instrument panels and other small products were molded from plastic. In 1956, production was begun on a terpolymer-covered safety pad for car instrument panels. In 1965 came the first use of injection molded plastic. The manufacturing of interiors expanded in 1982 to include floor consoles followed by cockpit assembly in 1997. A unique high-performance thermoplastic olefin material (TPO) was patented in the early 2000s. Today, this material is utilized throughout several automotive programs worldwide.

Since Inteva Products was founded in 2008, it has expanded to 50 locations on 5 continents. It is this rich heritage that has enabled Inteva to reach success as the world’s most trusted partner to automakers worldwide.