Customers recognize Inteva as their leading global supply partner for value-based innovation and environmentally friendly products that enhance quality and performance

As a responsible corporate citizen, Inteva is dedicated to protecting human health, natural resources and the global environment. This dedication goes beyond compliance with the law to encompass the integration of sound environmental practices in our business decisions.

Environmental Principles

The following environmental principles provide guidance to Inteva personnel worldwide in the conduct of their daily business practices.

  • We are committed to actions to restore and preserve the environment
  • We are committed to reducing waste and pollutants, conserving resources and¬†recycling materials at every stage of the product life cycle
  • We will continue to participate actively in educating the public regarding environmental conservation
  • We will continue to pursue vigorously the development and implementation of technologies for minimizing pollutant emissions
  • We will continue to work with all governmental entities for the development of technically sound and financially responsible environmental laws and regulations
  • We will continually assess the impact of our plants and products on the environment and the communities in which we live and operate, with a goal of continuous improvement

Protecting the environment is both a company and an individual responsibility.

Inteva Products operates with global facilities that are Certified to the ISO 14001 Standard.