Platinum Award at the 2022 Navistar Supplier Excellence Awards

Inteva Products was recognized for a 2022 Supplier Excellence award of Navistar, Inc., a commercial transportation solutions provider with a vision to accelerate the impact of sustainable mobility. Inteva Products was awarded the Platinum Award in the Performance category, which represents the highest honor given during the 2022 Navistar Supplier Excellence Awards.

The 2022 Navistar Supplier Excellence Awards recognize suppliers from all around the world in a variety of industries including freight and engineering services, electronics, powertrain and chassis components, and advanced safety systems. In 2022, Navistar updated its Supplier Excellence award categories to include Performance Awards, which honors suppliers for excellence in quality, delivery and cost, and Leadership Awards in five subcategories: quality, innovation, customer service, general procurement and logistics.

July, 2022