Inteva has built a strong, strategic supply base to enable success today and in the future. We strive to have strong and collaborative relationships with our global supply base in which we depend on every day to provide necessary products and services. Our global team partners with suppliers as we do our customers with expectations to continuously provide quality, delivery and value.  Suppliers hold an important role in our company success. In terms of quality, technology, development support and logistics Inteva has built a solid team for continuous business improvement and success.

Global suppliers can access Inteva requirements, policies and procedures here.

Suppliers to Inteva facilities

Inteva’s Terms and Conditions, Supplier Requirements Manual and other Inteva documentation can be found by visiting our supplier portal (link shown below).  If you are not currently an Inteva Supplier, you can request a perspective supplier login by contacting your Inteva Buyer or using the Contact Us link shown on this screen.

Direct Material, Service and Sub-Suppliers to Inteva