Inteather™ Material Solutions:

Innovation continues to drive the evolution of TPO.

Inteva leads the industry in materials and material processes because we go further up the value stream than any other tier-one supplier. 

Our engineers are constantly developing new grades of Inteather™ material while optimizing existing formulations. Our well-honed, patented capabilities in sewing technology enable us to sew during various stages of the manufacturing process, supporting your brand image in ways that save you time and money.


Inteather™ Form: Vacuum-Formable Compact TPO Sheet used for positive or negative forming in foam-in-place (FIP) applications. It has a lower mass and cost than traditional material, is durable and 100% recyclable.

Inteather™ Foam:  Vacuum-Formable Bilaminate TPO Sheet is used for positive or negative forming in press bond and press lamination applications. It reduces mass and cost while increasing perceived quality, and boasts improved haptics as well as cold airbag performance.

Inteather™ Wrap:  Wrap Bilaminate TPO Sheet is used for cut, sew and wrap applications. It’s a low-cost, leather-like alternative that is durable and drapes easily.

Inteather™ Cast: Slush Cast TPE is used for applications with complex geometries and undercuts. It provides a premium appearance and feel with superior cold airbag performance. It has improved durability, fit and finish, and a wider process window.