Inteva Products is a strong, growing supplier of automotive interior systems and components. We offer advanced material technologies, proven design expertise and robust manufacturing capabilities. We provide unique Slush Cast TPE formulations to meet specific OEM application requirements, and employ optimum process technologies to meet specialized design and manufacturing goals.

Inteva has material solutions for perceived quality in automotive interiors and for challenging applications in other industries. By combining thermoplastic strength and elastomeric resilience TPE can help you:

  • Achieve premium quality¬†
  • Attain superior durability and performance
  • Reduce costs and weight
  • Promote environmental responsibility

These innovative materials are stretching imaginative minds. They provide cost-effective solutions for automotive interiors. They offer clear advantages over other engineered materials used in applications that require style, cost and mass savings and lasting durability. Inteva is focused on performance and ready to put these advanced materials to work for you.

  • Innovative materials promise impressive advantages, look what our unique TPE formulations offer:
  • Cost reduction opportunities, up to 50% are possible, depending on formulation, process and end-product design requirements
  • Mass reductions of 20 to 45% are possible, compared to PVC and urethane skins
  • Reduced squeak and rattle, color fading, and surface inconsistencies
  • Enhanced premium look and feel for higher perceived quality
  • No discoloration, cracking, blooming or dimensional change with long-term weathering
  • Improved recyclability to meet End-of-Life (ELV) directive
  • Improved fit and finish of interior system components
  • Increased design freedom with customized formulations for use across multiple system parts¬†