Inteva Rychnov Supports Preservation of Local Habitat

March 2017

The employees at Inteva’s Rychnov site recently raised funds and provided individual donations to help preserve the geological environment in the Nova Louka area of the Czech Republic.  

The initiative was organized in conjunction with efforts by the region’s Centre for Environmental Education to improve the ecology of the Jizera Mountains. As part of the “Nadace Ivana Dejmala” (Foundation Ivan Dejmala), the Rychnov-supported activities focused on strengthening the populations of protected plants, preventing the overgrowth of non-native vegetation, and improving the long-term water retention in peat bogs located within the mountains.
Rychnov was honored with a certification of appreciation from the Nadace Ivana Dejmala on March 8.
Thank you to our Rychnov employees for their commitment to supporting their local community and environment!