Inteva Puebla Provides Invaluable Support to Homeless Elderly Adults

March 2013

The team at Inteva Puebla organized a community service activity to celebrate the company value; we care for the world and our communities. All plant personnel made in-kind donations to support 16 elderly adults through the Shelter Living of Love program, a nonprofit foundation that helps homeless elderly people.

“This campaign was significant support for the elderly adults,” said Claudia Flores, Human Resource Manager at Puebla. “The donations collected will help give food and medicine to 16 elderly people who have no families.”

Once donations were collected from the Puebla team, 11 employees visited Shelter Living of Love to distribute the collections. Prior to the visit, the employees rehearsed for days as they had plans to perform songs for the elderly adults. The performance was thoroughly enjoyed by the adults.

“The serenade led by our colleagues during the visit was very much enjoyed,” said Claudia. “The elderly adults were very happy singing and remembering the songs of their time. We were asked to come back, and we will.”