Inteva Matamoros Plant 2 Donates Supplies and Time to Help Build Elementary School Food Court Tables

April 2013

The team at Inteva's Matamoros Plant 2 in Matamoros, Mexico rallied behind their adopted Elementary School, La Corregidora, to help the students build tables for the school’s patio food court. Not only did the Plant donate scrap wood from unused skids as well as paint, but the employees at the facility also volunteered to complete the Eco-Tables Project. With the help of Inteva employees and La Corregidora students and parents, 49 tables were built and painted for the students’ use. This embodies Inteva's corporate citizenship.

“The school did not have tables for students to eat meals,” said Jesus Garcia, Internal Control – Finance. “We designed the tables and also donated scrap wood material from the Door Module Program. We worked together with the La Corregidora community to build the Eco-Tables.”

La Corregidora Elementary School is participating in the 2013 Design for Change program, a global movement that empowers children to be the change they wish to see in the world. Design for Change asks students to feel or identify a problem that bothers them, imagine a way to make it better, do an act of change and share their story with the world. With the help of the team in Matamoros, La Corregidora students were able to improve meal times at their school by building the Eco-Tables.

Matamoros Plant 2’s involvement in the Eco-Tables project is directly aligned with Inteva’s core value to care for the world and our communities. By recycling scrap material and reusing it to build tables, the team at the facility demonstrated environmental consciousness and helpfulness to a community in need.