Elderly Adult Craft Sale at Inteva Matamoros Provides Needed Financial Support and Fellowship

March 2013

The teams at Matamoros Plants 1 and 2 joined forces to celebrate the company’s core values with a community service activity. In honor of Inteva’s core value to care for the world and our communities, IMO 1 and 2 invited to their building elderly adults who brought with them handmade crafts. The crafts were showcased in the cafeteria and at lunch time, IMO employees were able to purchase the handmade items, which included bracelets, key chains, table decorations, necklaces and more.

The elderly adults who visited Inteva's Matamoros facilities are part of Mexico’s government program, Casa del Adulto Mayor. In English, this translates to Home of the Elderly. Creating and selling the handmade crafts is a way for the elderly adults to make extra money. This is the second time that the elderly adults have been invited to Matamoros to sell their handmade goods.

“In Mexico, we have a government institution, which provides help for the elderly,” said Denise Rodriguez, Executive Assistant, Manufacturing. “But these adults still have other needs like shoes and clothing and that is hard to pay for with only the government help. Our employees were happy to be able to cooperate and motivated the elderly adults to continue being creative by purchasing the handmade crafts.”

This community service activity was very meaningful to the Matamoros team. According to Denise, the elderly adults had great sales on the day that they visited, allowing them to meet some of their basic needs. In addition to the buying and selling of the handmade crafts, employees also enjoyed lunch with the elderly adults during their visit.

“One elderly woman mentioned to me that they were very grateful for the opportunity to come to Inteva  because the sales they made here in one day were as much as they usually make in an entire month,” said Denise. “It was very emotional when she mentioned this and made the activity even more meaningful to our team.”